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Are You Struggling with Medication Dosage Calculations?

You're not alone! Many nursing students and NCLEX test takers find dosing calculations to be one of the most challenging and stress-inducing aspects of their studies and exams.

The fear of making mistakes and the pressure to ensure patient safety can be overwhelming, leaving you feeling anxious and uncertain about your future in nursing.

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Feel the Pressure Mounting?

It’s not just about passing a test. It’s about being prepared to make critical decisions in real-life scenarios where a single calculation error can have serious consequences. Your confidence shakes with each complex dosage calculation, and the constant worry about accuracy can tarnish the joy and excitement of becoming a nurse. 

This anxiety can hinder your learning process, affecting your performance not only on the NCLEX but also in your future nursing career.

Introducing: Dosing with Confidence by Nursing Review Academy by Nurse Joi


Say goodbye to calculation woes and hello to unwavering confidence with our Dosing with Confidence workbook.

Designed specifically for nursing students and NCLEX candidates, this comprehensive guide is your key to mastering medication dosages through easy-to-understand explanations, step-by-step guides, and real-world examples.

For a limited time, take advantage of our special introductory offer and secure your copy of Dosing with Confidence.

Don't let calculation uncertainties hinder your progress any longer. Invest in your future, boost your confidence, and set yourself apart in the nursing field.


What’s Inside?

Comprehensive explanations that demystify complex calculations for:

✏️ Fundamental Concepts of Medication Dosage Calculation

✏️ Precision in Drug Dosage Calculations

✏️ Intravenous (IV) Fluids and Medications

✏️ Advanced Pharmacokinetics

✏️ Handling Medication Dosage in Special Situations

✏️ Safe Medication Administration Practices

What Makes Dosing with Confidence Your Go-To Guide?

✅ Solid Foundations: Master abbreviations, the metric system, and rounding rules.

✅ IV Mastery: Learn best practices for calculating IV flow rates and units per hour.

✅ Exam Excellence: Access practice worksheets and memory tricks for dosage calculation exams.

✅ Error Prevention: Discover Nurse Joi's top 9 tips for accurate dosage calculations.

✅ Advanced Topics: Explore Volume and Weight, Formula Method, and more for comprehensive learning.

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Transform your anxiety into achievement. Order now and take the first step towards excelling in medication dosing calculations and beyond.

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Here's What Other Nursing Students Had To Say About This Workbook...

Join the ranks of successful nursing students who have mastered their fears and passed their exams with flying colors. Your journey to becoming a confident, skilled nurse starts here.


This workbook is of great quality and was very helpful for my studying. It met fulfilled my expectations. I received a grade of “A” after using this as my study guide.


I was failing my dosing calculations class and I decided to use this product to aid me in the course. Needless to say, I passed the final exam and the class with an A. I was super excited about passing this course. I would recommend this workbook to anyone who is struggling in dosing.


I was struggling with dosage calculations. This study guide was easy and straight to the point. The way the examples were outlined was easy to remember.

Who is Joi Grant?

As the founder and lead instructor of Nursing Review Academy, Joi uses her experience and expertise in psychiatric nursing, and two decades as a police officer, to help nursing students learn effective test taking strategies and build critical thinking skills. Remembering what it was like to struggle through nursing school, she developed a coaching program to assist and equip undergraduate and graduate nurses to successfully pass their exams, including the NCLEX. 

Joi is dedicated to providing nurses with the foundational tools to not only be successful at test taking, but also in their career in the nursing field.  She guides her students to accomplish these goals by working first on mindset, then studies. By implementing this strategy in her own life, she was able to start her own business and lead multiple nurses to success!

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