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NCLEX Review Services & Nursing School Review Services

Our program is for nursing students that are currently in nursing classes, and for NCLEX test takers. See why so many students have realized that Nursing Review Academy is the most up-to-date resource for the NCLEX exam!



Shanelle, Student

As an LVN Graduate I studied alone for NCLEX and passed on the first try. That wasn’t the case with NCLEX for the RN when I graduated. Upon Graduating I started studying for NCLEX and I failed. I went back to the drawing board and decided to study some more throughout this process I ran across Joi UGrant and her information and decided to give her a call. Due to my test date being 10 Days away I declined to sign up thinking I would be able to pull it off on my own. I failed again. Feeling hopeless and defeated I decided to give ms Joi a call one more time. This time I signed up for camp. With her camp I learned how to transition my critical thinking from LVN to RN status READ MORE..

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Kat, Student

Hey cousins, I want to share with you guys a great coach that can prep you for the NCLEX and help you with school. I have testing anxiety and start to hyperventilate when I am taking a test and you have to find ways to cope. Joi U Grant helped me with that and she also helped me understand and broke down how to use the nursing process. If you are having difficulties in school understanding any material and you need that one on one I would advise you to get with her and get the guidance you need in the coaching you need to be successful. If you really want something you're going to work hard and go for it. READ MORE

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Kim, LPN 

I am extremely happy I invested my time and money into Joi Grant & Associates, Inc. NCLEX Bootcamp Review. It was recommended by Ms. Grant herself, after I told her I failed the exam 3x prior. From the introduction of her platform to the end, it was focused on content and confidence building. The reason I had failed the exam previously was mostly due to anxiety...I tend to be very hard on myself, and placed a lot of pressure going into those exams. READ MORE


Our Mission at Nursing Review Academy is to provide the most comprehensive tutoring services as possible, to nursing students and nursing graduates, utilizing a strategic approach to learning. Helping students along their nursing journey by building their self confidence and critical thinking.

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