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Joi is an author, Speaker and a personal and business developer. Her expertise in law enforcement and nursing helps in building habits of self-discipline, healing, and leadership.

Joi brings her experience of being a victim of domestic violence thrives and almost losing it all. To let professional mothers know that no matter what life throws at you that it’s never too late to start over, start a business, change careers, or go back to school.

Joi posses a wealth of expertise in leadership as a law enforcement officer for over 16 years. Her knowledge helps you get through life obstacles so you can be happy and successful. Her story and strategies assist you with the healing process and show you how to rebuild your foundation.

She does this with her one on one coaching, workshops, and seminars.


I just experienced the master when it comes to thought leadership in Joi u Grant. Sister girl knew exactly what she was talking about when it comes to helping you organize your thoughts, and map out your life. You see vision but your not quite sure how to get there. She is the She was clear and concise. I’m a coach I need her to coach me through some stuff.
Lauren Francies Nance

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Sessions take place via Zoom, and you will receive the video recording of your session afterwards.

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