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Q2 Bootcamp Registration

The NCLEX Bootcamp

This program is for graduate nurses and repeat test takers to pass the NCLEX exam

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Is this you?

A repeat test taker struggling to pass the NCLEX?

New graduate who could use extra help preparing for the NCLEX?

Internationally educated student?


In this course you will:

  • Learn the specific core content you need to know for the NCLEX

  • Learn NCLEX test taking strategies

  • Learn how to answer SATA questions

  • Learn the normal patho of each organ

  • Maximize your critical thinking process to improve your critical thinking skills to enhance retention of NCLEX content

  • Reduce anxiety by organizing your study time

What  to Expect

Nursing content will be broken down to an 8th grade level. You will also have access to:


Downloadable pdf slides of presentations

 Downloadable mp3 audio lecture

Flex plan bonuses

Online support

45 day remediation

Student e-book with diagnostic procedures, meds, & med math fundamental pdf's

3-hour intensive

  • IV Therapy

  • Dosage calculations

  • Test-taking anxiety

  • Medication

--Bonus: Videos on pediatric, pre and post-op, respiratory disorders

Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc. helps nursing students and nursing graduates to pass the NCLEX exam. They also offer tutoring services in group or one-on-one settings for nursing students as well. These services include RN and PN students and graduates. 

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