4-Week NCLEX Live Bootcamp

$599.00 USD

What you'll get:

  • Learn how to use your critical thinking to answer NCLEX questions
  • Learn core content that's given on the exam
  • Master SATA questions

**No refunds.**


I am extremely happy I invested my time and money into Joi Grant & Associates, Inc. NCLEX Bootcamp Review. It was recommended by Ms. Grant herself, after I told her I failed the exam 3x prior. From the introduction of her platform to the end, it was focused on content and confidence building. The reason I had failed the exam previously was mostly due to anxiety... I tend to be very hard to myself, and placed a lot of pressure going into those exams. Joi and her team are very thorough, and will simplify the information to a level of comprehension where it's retainable. An investment " into this service is an investment in yourself for a better future.

Kim, LPN

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