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Nursing Review Services

Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc. Nursing Review Service provides student and graduate nurses with licensed nurse educators. Our educators build up the student nurse’s critical thinking to pass nursing school and the NCLEX exam. The RN will enhance the knowledge that the student has been given.


The nurse can provide proactive one-on-one or group tutoring. They assist and educate the student with their studies by making a personalized study plan. The tutors have an in-depth communication with clients. The tutors emphasize that the students should be committed, connected, and consistent with their studies to support and reinforce what has been taught.


Our Mission 

To provide the most comprehensive tutoring services as possible to nursing students and nursing graduates, utilizing a strategic approach to learning. Helping students along their nursing journey by building their self confidence and critical thinking.


How do our educators make a difference?


The educators from Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc., have many years of experience working with students in the classroom and in a clinical setting. This means they can identify your strengths and help you build your weaknesses in areas such as test taking. The tutor will evaluate your learning style and incorporate it into your tutoring sessions. 


Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc. guide and educate students on their nursing journey. Their nursing studies are simplified and broken down into terminology that is easily understood by the student. The educators will support the students with organizing their subject areas and setting a clear plan not only to pass but to save a life. Helping our clients become consistent, committed, and connected will empower, build self esteem, and increase your passing rate.

Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc. offers exceptional personalized tutoring services, open communication, and a learning environment. These key elements of the model make the Joi U Grant & Associates, Inc. Nursing review service difference.

Tutoring Services


One-on-One/Group Tutoring 

We offer one-on-one in-person and online tutoring, and we also do group tutoring, in-person and online. We provide tutoring services for medical surgical nursing, maternity, labor and delivery, psychiatric nursing, pharmacology, dosage calculation, pediatric, and fundamentals.


NCLEX Review - Nursing Review Academy provides one-on-one (in-person and/or online) or a 4-week live NCLEX Bootcamp, and a self-paced review. 


Contact: Joi U Grant, RN BSN

1-800-436-8093 or

*Someone from our team will be in contact with you in 24-48 hours

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