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Grace and Peace! I'm Nurse Joi! I started Nursing review academy to help nursing students and graduate nurses become proficient nurses. We strive in helping our students develop critical thinking skills to pass the NCLEX and nursing school.

Joi Grant, RN BSN



As the founder of, Nursing Review Academy, she uses her expertise in Psychiatric nursing and over 19 years of experience as a Police Officer, to help nursing students learn effective test taking strategies and build their critical thinking. Using her own struggles through nursing school, she developed a coaching program where she now helps undergrad and graduate nurses pass their final exams as well as the NCLEX. She is dedicated in equipping nurses with the foundational tools to create a life that can succeed by working on their mind set first then their studies. By implementing this strategy in her own life she was able to start her own business and help multiple nursing students pass their exams.

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