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  • I am a repeat test taker, how can this program help me?"
    We can help you successfully pass the NCLEX on your next try. By reviewing your C.P.R. (Comprehensive Performance Report) to go over the areas on the exam that you scored below standard. We will also structure a personalized study plan to focus on your weak areas first. Failing the NCLEX is not a great feeling, keep in mind you passed the hardest part, Nursing School.
  • How is this review program different from other NCLEX programs?
    We strive on building self-confidence, self-esteem and develop critical thinking. These skills will not only help you to pass the NCLEX, but also to become a proficient nurse. This exam will not define what kind of nurse you will be. We make reviewing core content easy and simple. We also provide practice questions to aid with studying and test-taking strategies. We offer one-on-one access to licensed professionals specializing in your individual trouble areas.
  • How does NCLEX prep work?
    We offer group tutoring sessions, one-on-one sessions, and individual tutoring. (LIVE sessions not pre-recorded) We assist students on how to apply test-taking strategies to properly answer NCLEX style questions.
  • When should I sign up for a review course?
    You should sign up for review during the last semester before graduation.
  • Do you offer tutoring for nursing students?
    Yes, we do. Classes we cover include: Dosage Calculation, Fundamentals, Med Surg, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Maternity, New Born, and Psychiatric Nursing. Following a review of your syllabus, we structure a study plan just for you.
  • What is your guarantee for your program?
    We guarantee that any student that attends the NCLEX Bootcamp will pass on their next attempt if they have fully completed the course and test within 45 days of completion. ​ If you DO NOT pass the NCLEX on your first try after completing the Bootcamp, you must provide: Proof that you have taken your test within 45-days of completion Proof that you used ALL resources provided by Joi U. Grant & Associates, Inc. A copy of your C.P.R. (Comprehensive Performance Report) ​ Upon meeting the above mentioned requirements, you will be permitted to re-take the NCLEX Bootcamp with a personalized one-on-one tutor at no additional cost to you.
  • I am an organization or school and I am interested in having Nurse Joi speak. What do I do?
    Nurse Joi would love to share her nursing journey and expertise with you and your students. To book Joi for a speaking engagement, please send all inquiries to or call 917.724.6824 to discuss the details.
  • How long will I have access to the courses?
    You will have access to the courses until you pass the NCLEX exam.
  • I am an international student, is this program right for me?"
    Yes, this course is for you! We have an extensive one-on-one training to help you with your transition from being an international graduate to taking the NCLEX exam.
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